Program Activities
The aim of the Earth Kids Space program is to contribute to the healthy maturation of children's personalities. Placing the greatest value on matters of "the Spirit and life," the program will focus on creating an atmosphere of open and lively interaction.

Through specific events in different communities, the program will focus on enabling children and instructors to express their individuality and identities while simultaneously incorporating the various special characteristics of those communities.

The Goi Peace Foundation has adopted a "Declaration for All Life on Earth." Based on the ideals and principles embodied in this declaration, the Earth Kids Space program has developed and executed programs in four areas.

In relation to "International Understanding," the Goi Peace Foundation has a strong record of achievement. Through cooperation from embassies and foreign diplomats living in each community, children are afforded opportunities to experience first hand the meaning of "international understanding."
* Power of spirit * Importance of words and spirit * Preciousness of life, gratitude
* Sanctity of peace * Joy in expressing spirit * The Mystery of the earth and the universe
* Environment& recycling * Finding others'strengths * Global education for sustainable development
* Art and crafts * Interacting with nature * The mystery and unlimited possibilities of life
* Interaction with foreign diplomats in Japan through diplomat project
* Interaction with foreign artists through dance and music performances
* Preparing and eating ethnic cuisines
* Interacting with other cultures through play
* Spirit of martial arts, Tea ceremony * Bon dances
* Haiku * Festivals
* Master's talks * Local foods
* Town explorations * Local entertainment arts
* Indoors: drawing; origami; string games; Japanese chess; go; sculpture; games from other countries
* Outdoors: sand games; tag; hide and seek; games from other countries
* Reading(reading by visiting instructors)
* Other: unstructured time