Global Understanding
Love and Peace
The motivation and willingness to take responsibility for one'sduties and obligations

We are living during a period of major change,when the authority and responsibility traditionally vested in nation states,ethnic groups and religions must be transferred to the individual.

This does not mean that individuals can live as they please, in a self-centered way;it means instead that they must achieve autonomy and that they must recognize that they are members of a global ommunity of life-and that, as members of this community, each has sponsibilities to bear and missions to carry out.

In cultivating the ability of each person to accept such responsibilities and duties,what will be most critically needed are actions that enhance the sanctity of life.
This means that adults must honor the wonder and beauty of their children's birth and convey this spirit of appreciation to them.

This will allow children to live with confidence, pride and a sense of responsibility.